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I am a professional linguist.

I enjoy learning, teaching, and researching. I love creating, optimising, and writing. I am good at speaking, solving problems, and prioritising. My colleagues praise me for being active, efficient, and determined.

I have worked for four years in several European countries as a linguist, and I have even accomplished my greatest childhood dream: working as a translator at Nintendo (for over two years!). I have learnt a lot during my time abroad, and I am always eager to share my experience with the right people. Here are my previous jobs and published projects.

I now aim at fulfilling some of my adulthood dreams, too: discovering new passions, learning disparate skills, finding an amazing job, and creating a business.

I would love to hear from you.


  • NAMEÁlvaro García
  • AGE27 years old
  • ADDRESSAsturias, Spain



I am always open to new job opportunities and willing to relocate. I am currently looking for a high position, a healthy atmosphere, and a good salary.

I would also consider part-time and/or remote opportunities.


Linguist and Researcher(Present) 2+ years

Independent – Asturias, Spain

I research topics, learn new skills, and develop learning products. I teach languages for two hours every day, I swim and go to the gym five times a week, and I spend the rest of my time working on personal projects and growing intelectually.

Main Projects: Spanish for the Demanding, Inglés para Exigentes, etc.

Spanish Translator2.3 years

Nintendo of Europe – Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

I localised, together with my team, titles from Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Mario & Luigi series, among others. I used my two years at Nintendo to meet mentors, learn about optimising, try the basics of programming, and hone most of my languages.

Main Projects: Zelda Series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

Project Manager and Editor1 year

Publishing Company – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I lead a small team, translated marketing and technical texts of all kinds for the automotive industry, tested software on-site, and managed workload. I learnt about translation and project management tools.

Main Clients: Nissan, Toyota.

Owner0.6 years

Álvaro García – Utrecht, The Netherlands

As a freelancer, I worked as a software localiser, but also for a small number of independent clients. I wrote articles on video games and subtitled videos for several websites.

Main Clients: U-TRAX Multimedia Localisations B.V., Pablo Muñoz.

Linguistic and Functional Tester1 year

U-TRAX – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Worked together with a passionate team to test games for a wide variety of consoles.

Main Projects: Dead Island, Risen 2, Catherine.


Translator (Internship)2011

Guardia Civil – Salamanca, Spain

Translated testimonies and confidential documentation from German and Dutch into Spanish under a harsh non-disclosure agreement.

Degree in Translation and Interpreting2007 – 2011

Universidad de Salamanca

English and German. My favourite subjects were languages, Audiovisual Translation, Subtitling, Journalistic Translation, Consecutive Interpreting, Dubbing, and Use of Spanish.




Main Skills







Business and Marketing Skills


Market Research

Survey Creation

Active Languages

Spanish (Mother tongue)

English (Proficiency)



Inactive Languages






Computer Skills

Google Software

Microsoft Office Package

Community Management

Computer-Assisted Translation Tools

Project Management Tools

Adobe Edition Software


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